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Comment from: Marci Brown [Visitor]
I don't think I've EVER been to Frontier City. Maybe once when I was young, but I may be thinking of the state fair. Either way, I want to go now. (I hope I win the tickets, but doubt I will because I never win anything.) Of course we'd spend most of our time at the kiddie rides, but now that I'm a Mom all I want to do is make fun memories for Owen, so that would be OK. Your comment about the terrible picture on the Wildcat drop made me laugh. Really $17.50 for tickets online doesn't sound bad at all. I expected them to be much more. And "not as grand as Six Flags" is a plus in our book. My husband has bad knees, so we don't get to do many things like this that require lots of walking. Does the park rent motorized carts for people who are unable to walk?

Thanks for the review. I'm enjoying reading about your statewide adventures. This is such a clever idea.
09/11/09 @ 22:28
Comment from: Regina [Member] Email
They rent wheelchairs for $20 and a $5 deposit, but not electric ones.

If you mostly hang in the kids' area, there's not much walking at all - and there are benches all over the place.

I hope you get to go! I think you'll enjoy it!
09/11/09 @ 22:40
Comment from: Travis [Visitor]
Went to Frontier City this past Saturday - thanks to your column. I enjoy the work ya'll do! Keep it up.

Personal Suggestion: Check out the Talimena Scenic Drive
09/28/09 @ 08:12
Comment from: FrontierCity411 [Visitor] ·
Marci, you and everyone should check our website. We give tickets away constantly during the season. Also many other contests.

Regina, I enjoyed reading your comments and loving your pictures. You did an excellent job. Keep up the hard work!
11/05/09 @ 00:31

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