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Comment from: Jeremy [Visitor]
What's the best part (or parts, if you can't choose) of the Oklahoma State Fair?

I love all the exhibits. The Made In Oklahoma Building is my favorite.
09/17/09 @ 09:26
Comment from: Kim Mellinger [Visitor]
My favorite part about the fair is just the excitement that it brings. Especially when I was a little kid it was a big deal to be able to go and see all the exhibits. I loved going with my grandparents because we would go through every cow barn and talk to all kids of people and grandma would have to look at all the homemade items to see if she could find one she could have made better.. HA
09/17/09 @ 10:39
Comment from: Susie W [Visitor]
It's the Great State Fair of Ok-la-ho-ma!
I really enjoy our state fair with all of the wonderful food and entertainment! The corn on the cob and Italian Ice are my families favorites, and the strawberry crepes that are from non other than Brown's (which is the best)! If you haven't seen the Wacky Wild West show or the Dog tricks or if you have never stopped to listen to the Native American Wood Winds playing Hymns, or if you have never been up in the Space Needle or toured the have missed a treat! I really .We like the go on the first day but since we couldn't make it today we will have to go next week. See you at the Great State Fair!
09/17/09 @ 11:06
Comment from: William Firey [Visitor] Email ·
When my wife and I go to the fair we make sure we go by the Vita Mix demonstration a couple of times and taste the samples they are 'cooking up'. Of course we enjoy a trip through the barns to see all the beautiful animals.
09/17/09 @ 20:39
Comment from: Travis Meeuwsen [Visitor]
The fried twinkies and snickers!
09/18/09 @ 12:45

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