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Cactus Jack’s

Posted by on January 6, 2012

Do you know Cactus Jack’s?

I didn’t until I was looking for something different for my daughter’s birthday. She was turning 12, and I wanted something fun that wouldn’t break the bank. I found out that I really like Cactus Jack’s.

It’s a game hall…but instead of being all bling and tiny kids, it’s an old-fashioned game hall. It’s wooden paneled walls and Ms. Pac-Man and pool tables.

We went during the week, so it was pretty empty. The tokens were a good value, and the tickets were plentiful. We ended up with tons of tickets and lots of prizes. The staff was young but nice. They really took care of us and we were glad we had our party there.

Yeah, some of the stuff was broken, and it wasn’t as exciting as the kids might have liked, but I loved that I could keep an eye on everyone while we were there. The place is really big, but open, and since it was a slow night, it was easy to count heads. The best part? I liked showing my kids what a real arcade was like…not like Chuck E. Cheese, which is great it in its own right, but not a real, old-fashioned arcade.

Neighborhood seemed a little sketchy but our cars were still cool when we got back out, so maybe I shouldn’t be so judgy.

Cactus Jack’s is recommended!

Cactus Jack’s ic located at 1211 North Council Road in Oklahoma City. You can find out more at their web site: .

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