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Spooky Fun

Posted by on October 30, 2012

Every year, there’s a lot of haunted houses around Halloween. I used to work at the one in Bricktown. I’ve been to the one at Frontier City a couple of times. But I think my favorite one is hidden in the little town of  Bridge Creek.

You’d think it would be sort of a rinky-dink production, since it’s in a small town and serves as a fundraiser for high school students. But they’ve been running this thing for so long, they have it down to a science. Parents and sponsors put in a ton of work at this thing, which is held in a wooded area. It’s only a couple of miles to from the highway, but you’d never know it once the sun has set and you’re wandering around with creepy clowns and chainsaws everywhere.

Tickets are $10 – not bad for what you get. The trail is really big and full of scenes and spooks.

Of course, now I’m an old lady with kids, and we don’t do super-scary Halloween yet. My oldest is getting close, but I’m not sure she’ll want to go with her mom to a haunted house.

So we take the kids to the trick-or-treat trail.

On Halloween night, they open up early, and all the spooks hand out candy along the trail while the sun is still up. The kids love it – just enough scary to be cool but not enough to make nightmares. Trick or treat trail is $5 a kid, and adults are free with them.

To find the trail, go south on I-44 to exit 108 (Tuttle-Minco). Go west on Hwy. 37 to Sara Road. Go south on Sara four and a half miles or so. You’ll see the Bell gas station and the signs.

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